Previously, writer-director Matt Reeves while speaking with TheHollywoodReporter promised that The Batman would have a rogues gallery of villains, which seemed like a daunting task given we rarely see more than a handful of Batman baddies in the live-action movies.

However, recent villain rumors have suggested we just might be seeing that with Variety stating they believe The Penguin is involved. Lately, TheHollywoodReporter and Forbes pushed their own rogues rumors that Catwoman and The Riddler would also be making an appearance in the comic book flick.

I have to assume all three may have stemmed from this picture that Matt Reeves tweeted out over the fall, highlighting the original costumes of the three villains from the Adam West era Batman series.


Well, it looks like some possible character breakdowns that GeeksWorldwide got their hands on may now support those three villains are being cast in the film along with their own addition that arsonist villain Garfield Lynns aka Firefly might be showing up as well.

If I was named after a lasagna obsessed cartoon cat I might be tempted to burn stuff too.

While Firefly might be best known for showing up in the series Gotham and the Batman: Arkham Origins game, the character goes back to Detective Comics #184 from 1952.

There is a good chance these four villains will be appearing in the film but they have yet to be confirmed by the studio at this time.

Robert Pattinson was recently announced by Warner Bros. as officially landing the Bruce Wayne/Batman role, which now means they can jump into casting the rest of these roles as finding a new franchise lead tends to be more time-consuming aspect.

Pattinson is currently filming Christopher Nolan’s spy movie Tenet and there is an expectation that The Batman might not begin filming until winter/spring 2020.

Warner Bros. has set The Batman for a release date of June 25th, 2021.


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