Disney and Lucasfilm have released the final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the ultimate conclusion of the Skywalker Saga told over nine movies.

Here are a couple of things we noticed in the trailer that could be interesting.

  • There is a bunch of voice over from Palpatine and Luke Skywalker presumably force ghosts in the movie as they’re expected to appear in some form.
  • We see Rey running around with her lightsaber on some jungle planet, might be a location of the Resistance forces as pieced together from previous images or possibly another location from the Jedi texts that Rey took from Ahch-To.
  • Rey jumping around in the jungle has more of a feeling towards a Jedi training sequence than we got in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then again, there could be some danger and she is attempting to warn others.
  • A hooded figure is seemingly sitting on an ancient throne, which might be Palpatine or another character altogether.
  • Finn is again hinting about his own force sensitivity, something that was sort of ignored in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Hopefully, they actually act on these teases in the final installment. 
  • There are massive military forces being assembled, what might be the ship The Ghost (previously spotted in Rogue One) from Star Wars Rebels is in a group shot of Resistance ships. 

Check out the full trailer below.

Director J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) returns to finish up the new trilogy.

The cast includes Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Marie Tran, Joonas Suotamo, Billie Lourd, Naomi Ackie, Richard E. Grant, Keri Russell, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Dominic Monaghan, Greg Grunberg, Ian McDiarmid, and Billy Dee Williams.

What the future holds for the feature film side of Star Wars is little unclear with Rian Johnson, Benioff/Weiss, and Marvel’s Kevin Feige developing a wave of new movies that are expected to move away from the Skywalker Saga.

Disney+ will give fans lots of material to hold them over with two seasons of The Mandalorian on the way starting on November 12th along with untitled shows that will focus on characters Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set for release on December 20th and tickets are now on sale.


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