HN Entertainment has learned that Warner Bros. has given the sports drama Torrance a new title of Long Time Coming. The film starring Ben Affleck and directed by Gavin O’Connor sees a former high school basketball player returning to his old high school to coach the basketball team while also trying to overcome his own personal demons, an addiction to alcohol.

We dropped the tidbit on our Twitter account.

The pair previously worked together on the action flick The Accountant and are expected to shoot a sequel in the not too distant future.

This wouldn’t be the first time the film has seen a new title as it was originally called The Has-Been when it was first being developed by the studio.

A widowed, former basketball all-star lost family foundation in a struggle with addiction and attempts to comeback by becoming the coach of a disparate, ethnically mixed high school basketball team at his alma mater.

Affleck’s next directorial effort is said to be the WWII movie Ghost Army, about a real-life division of the American military that attempted to fool the enemy by creating fake forces to give the impression that their numbers were greater than they were or that U.S. troops were positioned in areas where they weren’t. The project sounds a lot like Argo and the source material is certainly interesting.

Long Time Coming has been given an awards-friendly release date of October 18th by Warner Bros.


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