During HN Entertainment’s interview with StudioADI’s Alec Gillis, Nicholas Whitcomb and CJ  Paschall asked if he’d ever want to tackle the King Alien (the male counterpart to the Queen Alien), he then mentioned wanting to continue to design variants of the predators as well including finally having the debut of the female predator to the franchise. A female predator has been something fans have been asking to see on the big screen for some time.

GILLIS: “The morph-ability of a predator or the mutation is a little different because it’s not established as a creature that shapeshifts like that or goes through those metamorphize stages as the Alien does. Scar is one of the least popular predators but our Wolf predator is one of the more popular predator characters, please seem to like the Fugitive from Shane Black’s [The Predator], but I think that’s because he looks so much like the original predator and that was the marching orders from Shane, ‘Let’s have the Fugitive predator look like the original predator more and lets have the Emissaries be variants’.”

“You can still have tremendous bio-diversity among the predator race, right. When are going to get a female predator? I know there are people like ‘All you’re going to do is stick boobs on a predator’, well, I think there’s something else you can do. Now, I think it would be a fantastic time to see a female predator and I’d love to be involved with that.”

Alec reiterates he’s not afraid of taking risks that would come along with bringing a female predator to life.

“Because like I said, I’m okay taking risks I know if you do a female predator you’re going to alienate some certain portion of the audience, but some other portion, I have high confidence, will go ‘This is bitchin’, thanks, this is great!’. People always refer to the novel when I hear ‘In the novels, the females were giant, they were bigger than the males, that would be so cool’ and I’m like ‘You mean like the Queen Alien? because that is what the Queen Alien was’. Just on a cursory view, it feels like a little bit been-there-done-that to me and maybe there are giant female predators and some that are on the scale of the male, we don’t really know.”

Alec Gillis is currently on various social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram, also consider following the official Studio ADI YouTube channel and Instagram account for some really amazing effects videos that the team over there posts on a regular basis. There might be a new Demolition Man video on the horizon, the channel and Alec’s social media accounts are totally worth checking out to get some excellent insight into the world of practical effects.

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There have already been female Predators in the novels and comic books. Basically they are bigger than males and some have feminine features. Read more here: https://www.avpcentral.com/female-yautja