Neil Marshall’s Hellboy reboot is looking to insert a lot of characters from the Hellboy universe created by Mike Mignola. It was recently revealed that fan-favorite Hellboy side character Lobster Johnson would be appearing and played by Thomas Haden Church.

Well, we have learned about another veteran character actor that will have a role in the reboot.

HN Entertainment has exclusively learned from a source that British character actor Stephen Graham will be voicing pig fairy villain Gruagach, who was recently spotted on a promotional poster for the film. Douglas Tait will be doing the in-camera performance of Gruagach, with Graham tackling his voice.

Stephen Graham’s extensive credits include Snatch, Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Boardwalk Empire, This Is England, Gangs of New York, Public Enemies, Taboo, and The Irishman.

The Gruagach of Lough Leane is a fairy creature of the Daoine Sidhe and a vengeful adversary of Hellboy. He is currently trapped in the degenerated body of the Fomorian giant Grom, which now resembles a stunted anthropomorphic boar. He blames Hellboy for his current state and seeks revenge for his humiliations. He is also driven by a desire to see his people returned to their former glory, and would rather see the fairy folk die fighting for their survival, instead of simply fading away in the shadow of the human race.

It will be interesting to see how the cinematic adaptation of Gruagach will compare to his comic book counterpart. He also has a connection of sorts to Alice Monaghan.

The rest of the Hellboy cast consists of David Harbour as Hellboy, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio, Ian McShane as Professor Bruttenholm, and Milla Jovovich as main villain Nimue the Blood Queen.

There is a good chance if Hellboy is successful, that the studio will be looking to expand into a Hellboy Cinematic Universe, which has been previously teased by creator/producer Mike Mignola.

We’re certainly excited to see how that Hellboy trailer shapes up in full HD when it’s officially released by the studio.

Lionsgate recently pushed Hellboy’s release date to April 12th, 2019.


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