HN Entertainment’s Nicholas Whitcomb spoke with director Nimród Antal (Vacancy, Armored, Predators, Metallica Through The Never, Kontroll) yesterday in an interview which covered his reasoning behind growing up in California but leaving to study film in Budapest, Hungary, to working on the Predator franchise via his fantastic standalone film Predators starring Adrian Brody, along with his favorite horror movies.

At the tail-end of Nick’s conversation with Nimród, he asked the director what he thought of comic book movies and if he had any desire to play in those sandboxes. Leading Antal to mention how fantastic he thought James Gunn’s world-building on Guardians of The Galaxy. Also, that he’d kill for the opportunity to direct things like the DC Comics solo film Lobo, about a foul-mouthed and violent alien biker bounty hunter.  He also seemed game to take the vacant director’s chair on Sony’s Venom sequel as he enjoyed the first movie and would love the opportunity to work with Tom Hardy.

HN: Speaking of big business, it seems like comic book superheroes are all the rage these days would that interest you, jumping into the Marvel or DC worlds?

ANTAL: “Oh yeah, for sure! As far as Marvel films go I remember seeing Guardians of The Galaxy, you know those are characters that I never really followed as a comic book reader but seeing the films, seeing what James Gunn had done with that film I thought it was super cool and he created an operatic, space opera, that some people compare to a Star Wars universe. So I think that universe building opportunity that something like that would give you is awesome.”

“A far as DC [Comics] goes, I’d kill to do a Lobo film. I think that’s another super cool character from an incredible universe that could be visually stunning and a character, a wise-cracking character with a cynical sense of humor I think the whole thing is so spot-on for a film. To answer your question I’d kill to do something like that. I’d love to do a Hellboy film, I love the Hellboy character too.”

HN: I’m shocked they haven’t pulled the trigger on Lobo considering how successful Deadpool was too.

ANTAL: “That might be part of the reason they didn’t, they don’t want to come-off as an after taste [to Deadpool], but whatever man, I hope they make it soon enough because a dude riding through space on a motorcycle with dolphins is just cool.”

HN: Actually, I just thought about this. One film that is looking for a director is the sequel to Venom. I don’t know if you saw that movie would that be something you’d jump on?

Image via Sony Pictures

ANTAL: “Oh yeah, man. Venom was super cool and an opportunity to work with Tom Hardy would be pretty awesome. The character is super great and I enjoyed the film I thought it was super fun. So, yes, I’d kill to do something like that.”

“Call up Sony and put in a good word for me! Let him [Tom Hardy] know I’m down.”

Antal’s previous work especially on Metallica Never Though starring Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Dane DeHaan and Predators are perfect examples that he’d make an interesting comic book movie for sure if given the chance. The former seems to have the kind of attitude that Tom Hardy seemingly wants for the franchise and Nimród’s horror background might be excellent to bring a villain like Carnage to the big screen.


Interesting enough, Antal has previously worked with Sony Pictures on his films Vacancy and Armored.

Venom 2 is currently being written by screenwriter Kelly Marcel and possibly eyeing a fall production start, depending if they’re able to find a director to start the prep/pre-production process needed to have everything ready in time. While the last update concerning WB’s Lobo movie (has been in development for ages) was that was Wonder Woman’s screenwriter Jason Fuchs (Pan, Luna Park) was doing rewrites on the script with Michael Bay reportedly being courted to direct.

We’ll be sharing more from HN Entertainment’s interview with Nimród Antal, stay tuned for more!

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