Continuing HN Entertainment’s interview with Studio ADI’s Alec Gillis, Nick and CJ turned their questions over to the Sly Stallone and Wesley Snipes science fiction action movie Demolition Man. A film that Alec didn’t work on too much but certainly has some opinions concerning a potential remake and a hilarious story about the body sculpts they did for the film that ended up in multiple locations of the Planet Hollywood restaurant.

First, we asked Alec if he knew the secret of the three seashells, which was a hilarious bathroom gag in the film that has never been explained and remains a mystery to this day.

“That was in the script….we loved that script and it’s still I think there’s a reboot there because it deals with political correctness I just think it’s super timely right now, although there are things you’d have to shift around because of political correctness actually. So with us, we weren’t as involved in the production on that one as we were on Aliens or Alien 3 or Starship Troopers, it was like ‘Hey guys, make us a 100 realistic bodies’ that’s the kind of thing it was. And I can talk to you about those realistic bodies. Script-wise I really enjoyed it. You guys liked it? I don’t get asked about Demolition Man very much.”

“I can’t tell you about the three seashells but what a great gag that was.”


Alec then recalled a funny story about making the body sculpts without genitals and then having to go back to make them and for Stallone to his own specifications.

“They had [Sly Stallone and Wesley Snipes] a very funny relationship on set too. I don’t know if you’ve heard this story..we made a realistic body for both of them and the question, of course, comes up ‘these guys are naked, what do you want to do about the penial area?’.. so there was some discussion back and forth with production and finally they said ‘just sort of make it if we show it we got to cut around it we can’t show it, so just make it a mound or nondescript’ we said ‘alright we’ll do that’. We did that, made this sort of mound of punched hair… it’s okay there will be hair there it’ll be a darkish area. That was on Stallone’s [body sculpt], on both of them [Wesley Snipes]. So Stallone saw his and he’s like ‘What the hell?… What are you doing here?’..we explain everything and he says ‘So you give me a vagina?’…and I’m like ‘Ah, shit..well you know we could add it to it’..[Stallone says] ‘Yeah, you better add it’…So we had to go back and sculpt a penis that he had to approve and we stuck it on… [Stallone says] ‘Yeah, that’s better’. Then when Wesley’s body appeared a little later he [Stallone] was delighted because that still had the mound without an actual penis and he was like ‘Hey Wesley, come here take a look at this! Look at what they did.. Hahaha…Look at mine! Look at yours’. I think we had to go back add one to Wesley’s as well.”

It didn’t end there as those same body duplicates were installed in multiple Planet Hollywood restaurants, a chain that was owned by Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis that had a bunch of movie memorabilia scattered throughout the restaurant, not unlike the Hard Rock Cafe. I’m not sure how tasteful a giant naked Stallone would have been but certainly sounds like something someone came up with in the 1990s.

“And then when we made them for Planet Hollywood, we made like 80 of those Stallone bodies for Planet Hollywood, we had to put briefs on them then right cause you’re in a restaurant, so we put these briefs over them and it was Melanie Griffth she was there for the opening of the show at the restaurant, of course, all the installations going last second as they always happen and she was laughing at the Stallone [Melanie says] ‘Is he wearing bikini bottoms, what the hell?’…she kinda stuck with the bikini bottoms then started criticizing the lack of bludge, I’m not sure if she knew what the bludge should be but our ADI guy there had to roll-up a napkin to her approval, size, girth.”

Returning back to the idea of remaking the film, Alec makes some comparisons to our current era and even suggests that Neill Blomkamp should be the one to tackle it.

“I think one of the great things about it is that like no matter what your political leaning it treads a careful line where it does not offend the sensibilities of one side or another but it just makes you go…Oh yeah, that’s what happens when a big government and corporate team-up creates a fascist society where everyone willingly runs into the big smiley face of commercialism and all that, just like Facebook, right?. Like George Orwell [author of the novel 1984] never predicted that we would willingly turn over all our personal information to be bought and sold and turned into commerce, we’d give up our privacy for fun. And yes, that’s why I think Demolition Man is absolutely prescient. You know who would make a great version of that? Neill Blomkamp.. and he would bring the right sensibilities to it.”

“Look for a Demolition Man video next month on ADI channel [on YouTube].”

Alec Gillis is currently on various social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram, also consider following the official Studio ADI YouTube channel and Instagram account for some really amazing effects videos that the team over there posts on a regular basis. The channel and Alec’s social media accounts are totally worth checking out to get some excellent insight into the world of practical effects.

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