It was announced that Bond director Sam Mendes would be next tackling World War I with his film 1917 for Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Plot details on the project are currently being kept under lock-and-key.

However, HN Entertainment has learned some interesting character details about the characters in 1917 that haven’t been revealed. While it’s been previously reported by Deadline that British actors Geroge MacKay (Ophelia, Captain Fantastic) and Dean Charles-Chapman (Game of Thrones) are likely to take roles in the film, their relationship in the film hasn’t.

The two young British soldiers are apparently brothers, Dean expected to be playing the younger of the two.

Also, essentially the female lead (will be supporting) of the film will be a young rural French girl named Lauri, who is hiding during the conflict. She most likely runs into the young men during their trek in Europe. This detail would most certainly confirm that the setting will indeed be France/Belgium as where most of the fighting took place.

Other supporting roles in the film include a handful of military officers.

The budget of the film is said to be around a healthy $100 million, which isn’t too surprising considering how expensive period war pictures are.

The project seems to be one too keep an eye on as I previously stated at OmegaUnderground that Blade Runner 2049 cinematographer Roger Deakins might be reuniting with his Skyfall director on the film along with the addition of Annihilation art director Elaine Kusmishko (Beauty and The Beast, Mary Poppins Returns).

Filming is expected to begin around March-April and we’ve assumed that production will be taking place in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, most likely France/Belgium.

A release date for 1917 hasn’t been officially announced but Universal Pictures is said to be eyeing a release sometime next December.


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