HN Entertainment was able to get ahold of some new plot and character details for TNT’s Raised By Wolves, a new science fiction series that will be Ridley Scott’s television debut and is written by Prisoners screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski.

Raised By Wolves will be a 10-episode serialized science fiction series that will see two androids raising multiple generations of human children from embryos on a virgin planet, trying to rear them as atheists since religion has fractured Earth and are aiming to keep religious differences out of the equation in the new colony, as to save them tearing each other apart. They discover the belief in the unknown/unreal is part of being human and is harder than they think to remove it completely from their new society.

The two main roles will be the two androids that are raising the children, who are named Mother and Father along with Campion, one of the many children they will be raising in the series. Here are character breakdowns for the roles that have an option for five potential seasons (ratings will likely be the deciding factor if it goes beyond season one).

FATHER (MALE 30-39): Father is very proud of his son Campion while conflicted by his growing love for Mother and is more empathetic of the two androids, shows more signs of parenting skills you’d expect from an android tasked to raise children. He is more mindful of the well-being of the family, pragmatic but deeply caring and compassionate. Father is more forgiving of the beliefs of the younger generation and is determined to put Campion’s future ahead of his own species’ ambition. Can feel inferior at times to Mother being a less advanced android. 

MOTHER (FEMALE 30-39): Mother is more fearless, bold, strict, intimidating, and stubborn than Father even though being a more advanced android and can be violent at times, which is a problem due to her immense level of strength. She also has the ability to levitate, can use mind-control, and physically morph into other beings. Desperate to be a mother she has issues with feelings and emotions. Her ambitions and stubbornness can sometimes lead to poor decisions that create tension with Father. 

CAMPION (MALE 12-14): Campion is a scrappy, tough, and independent human child. Often mimics the overly literal ways of his android parents and is socially awkward.  

Filming was expected to begin mid-January in Cape Town, South Africa with it wrapping production in August-September.

We previously revealed that the production team includes production designer Chris Seagers (Alien: Covenant, X-Men: First Class) and Oscar-winning costume designer Janty Yates (Prometheus, Alien: Covenant, The Martian).

TNT has yet to give an official air date for Raised By Wolves.


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