HN Entertainment has learned some very early production information on the upcoming Edge of Tomorrow sequel titled Live Die Repeat & Repeat (let’s all hope WB changes that title) as the science fiction action project is now expected to be returning to shoot at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in Watford, England.

Both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are coming back to reprise their roles.

However, this is super early information and likely dependent on if the sequel actually moves forward.

The Watford facility (busy production-wise recently) is also said to be used for Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8 (written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie), which will be shooting back-to-back beginning sometime next year (along with various other secondary locations).

The script has been undergoing various rewrites over the years with Matthew Robinson (Dora The Explorer, Monster Problems) recently jumping on to tackle it earlier this year.

Director Doug Liman has confirmed that the script is ready in a recent interview with ComicBookMovie and suggested that their plan is to begin shooting the Edge of Tomorrow sequel once Tom completes shooting the two Mission: Impossible movies.

COMIC BOOK MOVIE: Is there anything you can tell me about Edge of Tomorrow 2, which I believe is titled Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat. Is that something you’re cooking up with Tom Cruise after he finishes filming the next two Mission: Impossible movies?

LIMAN: “I’m hoping. If we’re going to do it, that would be the time.”

COMIC BOOK MOVIE: And the script is done and everything?

LIMAN: “Yeah, the script is ready.”

Tom is usually very particular with his shooting schedules and normally only takes on a single project per year, this would likely mean if MI7/MI8 are being considered a single production that Edge of Tomorrow 2 likely won’t begin shooting until sometime in 2021 (our best estimate).

Hopefully, Tom Cruise stays injury-free (likes to do his own stunts) which could lead to some unforeseen delays for all three films.

Liman has been preoccupied with his upcoming Lionsgate flick Chaos Walking starring Spider-Man’s Tom Holland and Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley, which had gone through some reshoots not too long ago.

Warner Bros. hasn’t given the sequel an official release date.

When Earth falls under attack from invincible aliens, no military unit in the world is able to beat them. Maj. William Cage (Tom Cruise), an officer who has never seen combat, is assigned to a suicide mission. Killed within moments, Cage finds himself thrown into a time loop, in which he relives the same brutal fight — and his death — over and over again. However, Cage’s fighting skills improve with each encore, bringing him and a comrade (Emily Blunt) ever closer to defeating the aliens.


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