It looks like EA is having a hard time figuring out what kind of Star Wars video game they want to release to the public. Kotaku UK has a new report claiming that their recent open-world game had been canceled but have updated to suggest they’re just scaling it back.

This isn’t the first time EA has restarted on this project. A linear Star Wars game codenamed Ragtag originally at Visceral Games (Dead Space) and set to be directed by Uncharted’s Amy Hennig was being developed for release until those game assets were absorbed by EA Vancouver after EA closed Visceral and reconfigured Ragtag for a new open-world game. This new open-world title codenamed Orca has been seemingly reevaluated, yet again, and will be scaled down to a much smaller incarnation.

Here is the latest update from that original article.

 Since the publication of this article, I’ve talked to several more people familiar with EA Vancouver’s now-canceled open-world Star Wars game. This project, which was code-named Orca, was very early in development but would involve playing as a scoundrel or bounty hunter who could explore various open-world planets and work with different factions across the Star Wars universe.

When EA’s top decision-makers looked at their road map for the next few years, they decided that they needed something earlier than the planned release date for Orca, according to two people familiar with what happened. So they canceled Orca in favor of a smaller-scale Star Wars project that’s now aimed for much sooner – likely, late 2020, which also happens to be around the time that I’ve heard next-gen consoles will launch. (Might be a bit earlier; might be a bit later. From what I’ve heard, next-gen plans are definitely still in flux.)

Below is the original promo video for Ragtag that EA released at E3 2016 while the game was still in development stages and included some early game footage.

Star Wars fans are well aware of video games being developed only to be either turned into something else entirely or completely killed. 1313 and the Darth Maul game Battle of The Sith Lords are prime examples of awesome video game concepts not crossing the finish line to market.

It doesn’t look like the game is completely canceled but nothing is for sure until there is release information coming from EA.


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