While Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin seems to have had a varied amount of controversy over the last year or so, it’s looking like we have an idea of what the Disney animated to live-action film might do at the domestic box office.

New tracking from BoxOfficePro suggests that Disney’s Aladdin could be heading towards a domestic opening weekend in the range of $70-95 million (3-day weekend), but seemingly settle with a projection of $85 million. It’ll be interesting because Dumbo started out high and then tumbled to a lesser number by the week of release, we’ll see if this number will hold by the time of release.

I’m sure there is certainly an audience for Aladdin, I suspect it could end up another carbon copy of the original animated film with a few tweaks here and there, not unlike Beauty and The Beast, which wasn’t terribly enjoying for myself. I would imagine younger audiences that haven’t experienced the film may get a little bit more out of the film and will be the demographic the studio will be aiming to get into the theaters anyways.

I think the big test will be can it keep making money throughout its global run and I’m curious if this does end up another billion-dollar smash or another just-okay return on Disney’s investment.

Disney has set Aladdin’s release date for May 24th.


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