Take the following with a grain of salt but there is an early rumor concerning Ant-Man 3 coming from Charles Murphy (Murphy’s Law Podcast) via MCUExchange.

According to Charles’ source, the film may be a vehicle to introduce the next generation of Avengers aka the Young Avengers.

Even though Charles is the first admit that this is just a rumor he heard and not a concrete scoop, it does make a lot of sense for the third Ant-Man film to introduce the next generation of heroes.

HN Entertainment recently supported Charles’ previous scoop with our own sourcing that Ant-Man 3 is indeed moving forward at the studio.

Ant-Man’s Cassie Lang (Stature) was the first member introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it could make sense for her franchise to be the venue for the Young Avengers to come together.

Cassie is now being played by Emma Fuhrmann after Avengers: Endgame aged-up the character.

Fellow members Kate Bishop/Hawkeye (possibly played by Hailee Steinfeld) and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel are officially getting their own Disney+ series from Marvel Studios.

There are also rumblings that America Chavez, Wiccan, and Speed are coming to the MCU as well.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this will come together.

Ant-Man 3 has yet to be officially announced by Marvel Studios/Disney.


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