DC Universe’s upcoming series Doom Patrol is reportedly eyeing Kelsey Grammar to lead the series. Grammer, 63, is best known for his roles in shows like FrasierCheers, Starz’ Boss and most recently Netflix’s Trollhunters. 

According to an exclusive from ThatHashtagShow, the series has set its sights on the veteran actor although it’s not clear from the report which role Grammer would play. Despite that, it’s assumed by many that he would play the team’s leader The Chief, aka Dr. Niles Caulder.

The Doom Patrol is set to make a first appearance in the streaming service’s first original production, Titans. There, the role was set to be played in that series by Narcos actor Bruno Bichir. However, audition tapes unveiled last week seemed to indicate that the series might be in the process of re-casting the part. If the role is being re-cast, it’s unclear whether or not Bichir would remain in the part for Titans, or if the Doom Patrol appearance would be re-shot.

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Recently, a character description for The Chief was unearthed by Revenge of the Fans. 

Male, 40s-50s, Open Ethnicity. Eccentric, brilliant, paternal, and mysterious. The Chief is a noted scientist, wealthy investor and, of course, leader of The Doom Patrol. The Chief rescued each member of his team from horrific accidents, nurtured them to health, resuscitated their self-esteem and sent them into the world to defend a populace that sees them as little more than freaks. His disarming manner does little to conceal a steely determination and unwavering devotion to defending Earth from Evil’s oddest entities. 

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