In ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters,’ one of the best moments was with Dr. Serizawa and Godzilla before the nuclear device was initiated. While this helped heal and upgrade Godzilla’s power it also destroyed the location Godzilla was resting at. While exploring this underwater kingdom, it had ruins depicting not only Titans such as Godzilla but human civilization as well.

This location was never officially revealed but considering the Hollow-Earth vortex was located in Bermuda, it’s likely that the ruins were located in the Atlantic Ocean. When the Monarch team is observing ancient carvings and writings on the ruins, it’s noteworthy how similar these were to the civilizations of classical antiquity. This includes Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

In the spirit of these civilizations, we can’t help but think of the fictional underwater city of Atlantis. While a version of Atlantis has appeared in the Mothra film series from the 1990s, most people immediately went to connect this underwater city with the Atlantis from the Gamera franchise. While Gamera isn’t a Toho property the character has been teased for a new franchise ever since the 2015 New York Comic-Con footage. There was also concept art for ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ released which showed Gigan, Kumonga, and either Gamera or Kamoebas. It’s hard to tell for certain which one it was since their designs are both inspired by turtles.

A key indicator could be the back shell, as Kamoebas always has spike going upward while Gamera has spikes facing the ground. It’s interesting the writers of the film would make an intentional effort to introduce a concept such as Atlantis considering the implications. It’s also interesting that they used it as Godzilla’s home as it makes people wonder if Godzilla was the creation of Atlantis. While I don’t subscribe to this theory personally it would explain how Godzilla is extraordinarily more powerful than the other Titans.

If we look at other Toho creatures and fictional locations we are reminded about Manda, the sea dragon that guards the underwater kingdom of Mu. Unlike Atlantis, Mu was located in the Pacific Ocean, but their cities had similar architecture albeit Mu was closer to Ancient Egypt than Ancient Rome or Greece. Because of this its very possible the underwater kingdom was an amalgamation of both Atlantis and Mu considering its already debatable location within the Hollow-Earth tunnels. The important thing to note is that Godzilla’s relationship with humanity was once so strong they built him a resting area. This signals just how respected Godzilla was by ancient humanity along with how certain statues and wall paintings teased him being a deity to them.

Hopefully this is explored more in either ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ or a future MonsterVerse sequel, if they continue the franchise. Similar to Godzilla, Kong has been worshipped by the humans on Skull Island so maybe we’ll get more history on the various cultures that did so. Comment below with your thoughts, did you think it was Atlantis? If so, how would you like to see this reveal expanded upon in future MonsterVerse installments?

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Lance Meenach
Lance Meenach

Sooo… This might take a while here. But, assuming everyone enjoyed the above article… Might enjoy this ! Firstly, loved the new film. I love your observations & deductions here. Agreed ! This civilization incorporates much more than just Greek-Roman-Egyptian influences/fusion ancient civilization. Saw ancient middle eastern dual statues towards the start of the too short city exploration. I’m surmising (just a personal theory of course here) that Skull Island is the only (as yet known ?) above the ocean part of this lost civilization. Might tie in Easter Island too there ! As well, with the once not flooded… Read more »

George S
George S

Personally I dont know a lot about Godzilla, but the layout of having Atlantis origin definitely deserves a prequel explanation