This doesn’t seem like the Tron update fans would like to hear. 

Disney is developing a lot of nostalgia projects for the streaming service Disney+ and TheHollywoodReporter has revealed they have scrapped plans to have John Ridley (12 Years A Slave, American Crime) develop a series based on Tron. 

Although, they don’t mention the reasoning behind the show getting canned. 

In a sign of the challenges, Disney+ has developed then scrapped three original series in the past year: scripted comedy Muppets Live Another Day from Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis and Josh Gad; Disney villains drama Book of Enchantment from Michael Seitzman; and, per sources, a never-announced Tron adaptation from John Ridley. Two other projects — TV series based on High Fidelity and Love, Simon — were moved to Hulu over their adult thematic content that executives weren’t comfortable showing on the family-friendly Disney+.

Three years ago it was reported that Disney was considering a third Tron film with Jared Leto (Suicide Squad, Morbius) starring in the lead role. 

The studio is in the very early stages of development for a new Tron movie, with Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto circling to star, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

 This isn’t the first time John Ridley has been working with Disney on a television project that didn’t come together as he had been developing a show in 2015 for Marvel that ultimately never came together. 

Given the technology developed for The Mandalorian using LED rear projection, it might make a Tron series more cost-effective than it would have years ago. 

I guess fans will have to continue to wait for more Tron. 


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