A bit of interesting film news coming from our pals over at SlashFilm as they report Disney is looking to reboot/soft-reboot the Rick Moranis science fiction kids film Honey, I Shrunk The Kids with a brand new theatrical release. Adding that Josh Gad said to be playing an adult version of Adam, the youngest son of Rick’s Wayne Szalinski.

You can read SlashFilm’s report below.

We have exclusively learned that Walt Disney Pictures is developing a reboot of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, with Josh Gad attached to star. Here’s what we know about the reboot, which will be set in the same universe as the original movies.

I have independently confirmed with three sources that Walt Disney Pictures has signed actor Josh Gad to star in a Honey, I Shrunk The Kids reboot/sequel. In the original film, Rick Moranis played a scientist father who accidentally shrinks his teenage son and daughter (alongside some neighborhood kids) to just a quarter of an inch in size. They must then adventure through their backyard to return home while fending off insects and other massive-sized obstacles.

The plan is for the movie to be set about three decades after the 1989 original, with Gad set to play the grown-up version of scientist and inventor Wayne Szalinski’s son, Adam Szalinski, who was played by twins Daniel and Joshua Shalikar in the 1992 sequel Honey, I Blew Up The Kid. The new movie, which will be titled Shrunk, will be a reboot of the original film but positioned as a “legecyequel,” which means it will exist in the same world and continue the overall storyline. And yes, Adam Szalinski accidentally shrinks his kids, which kickstarts the story of the film.

The project seemingly is without a director, which likely means they don’t have hard production dates or a release date in mind.

Disney is currently on the lookout for a filmmaker who has nostalgia for the original property.

There isn’t any mention if they’ll be able to coax Rick Moranis out of retirement, but Ant-Man and The Wasp director Peyton Reed mentioned last year a desire to have Rick play Scott Lang’s father in Ant-Man 3.



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