TheHollywoodReporter has revealed that a new Planet of The Apes film is currently in development at 20th Century Fox and would be the first big massive franchise Fox film to be announced since the Disney/Fox merger.

However, the outlet is unaware if the new film will be a continuation or a reboot, the latter isn’t terribly necessary given the time-jumps already built into the mythology.

Maze Runner franchise director Wes Ball is now attached as the previous director Matt Reeves is busy with The Batman (possibly two more Batman films after that).

The Apes are back. Fox has brought on Wes Ball, the filmmaker behind the popular Maze Runner film series, to develop and direct a new Planet of the Apes feature, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The move makes Apes one of the first historically significant Fox titles to get the redevelopment treatment since Disney’s acquisition of the storied studio.

Ball was originally set to direct a feature film version of Mouse Guard at Fox before the merger with Disney saw the film thrown on the pile of cancelled projects. He was working closely with Weta Digital about Mouse Guard’s extensive motion capture and even had Andy Serkis attached for a leading role.

It’s possible the Wes was picked because of his connections to Weta and Serkis.

The great thing about the franchise is that there has been plenty of time-jumping and we still haven’t moved on to the point where all the apes are talking/wearing clothing. With an evolved version of ape society which could be explored in future films (from the original two Planet of The Apes films).

One of the interesting things about the original films is that actor Roddy McDowall ended up playing both Cornelius and Caesar, which could establish a reason to have Andy Serkis to come back and play a completely different ape character in the future.

I could totally see them now attempt to tackle a new story set hundreds/thousands of years in the future where humans have lost the ability to speak and you see Astronaut George Taylor (along with his team) return to earth.

Other franchises at 20th Century Fox include R-rated ones such as Alien, Predator, Die Hard, and Kingsman.


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