It’s been quite the successful summer for the film industry, after revenue fell to its lowest level in over a decade this season last year. If the pace summer 2018 is on continues, 2018 would approach the $4.8 billion box office mark set in 2013.

Disney has continued to be the main contributor to this success, all while moving to take over 20th Century Fox. As of June 26, domestic revenue for the summer was marked at around $2 billion. And of that whopping number, Disney films accounted for over $1.2 billion of it. The biggest grosser of the summer has been Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War at over $670 million domestically and $2 billion globally. The film was seconded by another House of Mouse production, Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles 2. Even Disney’s widely-proclaimed flop of a Star Wars spin-off, Solo: A Star Wars Story, brought in over $200 million to the total domestic number. And while Disney has dominated the top of the leaderboard, Fox’s Deadpool 2 and Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have still brought in $300+ million and $193 million respectively thus far, with the latter doing so only a week after its June 22 release date.

While as a whole, the summer of 2018 has wiped the box office floor with 2017’s revenue, for many films, and Hollywood studios it has been hit or miss. Blue chip studios like Universal and Fox have each put out a single blockbuster hit but not much else. Disney currently holds claim to a whopping 36 percent market share for the summer, followed by the studio they may soon own in Fox at 12 percent. Those two are then followed by Warner Bros, Universal, Sony and Paramount.

Going forward, there isn’t a very highly anticipated release left to come this summer, but several productions still have breakout potential. Films like the Dwayne Johnson action movie Skyscraper, the Mamma Mia sequel, The First Purge and the new Mission Impossible installment could all make a surprise mid-summer splash. Regardless, by the end of it, this summer will have been one for the box-office record books.

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