A new box office record has been broken by Disney as the studio has now broken their previous studio earnings record set by Disney of $7.61 billion from 2016 with $7.67 in 2019 according to Variety.

Disney hit a major box office milestone, crossing the all-time record for global ticket sales for a single studio. After this weekend, the company has surpassed $7.67 billion worldwide, smashing the benchmark previously set by Disney in 2016 with $7.61 billion.

This is a huge bump considering that the studio still hasn’t released Malefiancet: Mistress of Evil, Frozen, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

We suspect that there is a solid chance that number could get bumped to $10 billion-plus when the dust settles or even more.

Avengers: Endgame being their largest release of the year at $2.79 billion (defeating Avatar’s unadjusted box office record) along with Captain Marvel and Aladdin crossing a billion (The Lion King and Toy Story 4 expected to cross a billion very soon as well).

I would assume that Disney is going to have a hard time to replicate the success of 2019 in subsequent years with the Star Wars movies being given a hiatus during the development of new feature films and Phase 4 of the MCU missing a large event film.

These box office returns would suggest that audiences are still willing to shell out to see movies, despite talk of a decline of enthusiasm with the general public. Appointment theater experiences are now becoming the norm (along with profitable) and it begs the question if the medium/low budget movies will still have a place in the studio release lineups of the future.



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