Yesterday, some concept artwork from Wes Ball’s Mouse Guard movie was posted by a concept artist. The film was one of the handful of projects at 20th Century Fox that were cancelled after the merger with Disney.

Director Wes Ball has done one better and posted a good amount of Mouse Guard’s animation test footage with the mice riding tortoises and the dangerous world they inhabit.

Check out the footage below.

The following is a collection of tests that explore the visual potential of a Mouse Guard movie. Everything you see here is rendered in realtime using Epic’s UNREAL ENGINE. Basically what you’re watching is very good looking previz, with environments capable of streaming live to stage during motion capture with our actors. While the visual quality is impressive, it’s important to note this is only meant to illustrate how the movie will ‘feel’ not how it will ‘look’. Everything will ultimately be sent to WETA Digital to be recreated with cutting-age photorealistic CG. This was made from scratch in about 12 weeks with a relatively small team. Credit goes to our team at Halon (led by Casey Pyke) and Fox VFX labs (led by Glenn Derry) Thanks for watching y’all! ~wes


Weta Digital was going to handle the visual effects with a motion capture cast that included Iris Elba, Andy Serkis, Thomas Brodie Sangster, and others.

The reasoning behind the cancellation wasn’t revealed but the dark subject matter doesn’t seem to be part of it, the price tag may have been though.


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