Before the Disney/Fox merger closed in mid-March there was a heap of X-Men films in various stages of development at 20th Century Fox.

Some of those projects included Deadpool 3, X-Force, Multiple Man, a Logan spinoff from James Mangold featuring Laura aka X-23, and the long-in-development solo Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum.

Another one of those potential films was a Kitty Pryde (aka Shadowcat) solo film from comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis and director Tim Miller (Terminator: Date Fate, Deadpool).

While speaking with ComicBook to promote the release of Terminator: Dark Fate, Tim revealed that the project “will never happen” and doesn’t expect to get a call from Marvel about making X-Men movies.

MILLER: “I love the X-Men. I don’t expect Marvel to call me and say, ‘Come do the X-Men,’ so I’m not waiting for that.”

“I was really excited about my Kitty Pryde movie. Fuck, I love that movie. It’ll never happen now.”

The X-Men are not firmly with Kevin Feige (newly appointed chief creative officer of Marvel) and Marvel Studios.

Originally, the character of Kitty Pryde was played by actress Ellen Page in both X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Days of Future Past. I have to assume this solo movie would have been a reboot/recasting of the character.

Deadpool 3 is seemingly on the way with Ryan Reynolds posting a photo of himself visiting the Marvel Studios offices and screenwriter Paul Wernick revealing that Marvel has promised them that Wade can continue to play within an R-rated universe.

When or how we’ll get the main X-Men movie is a little uncertain as Kevin has suggested it isn’t currently part of their five-year plan and if Deadpool 3 happens first (Ryan teasing a Phase 5 installment on social media) that could bump X-Men a little.

James Mangold recently told ThePlaylist he’s still “interested” in making his X-23 movie.

Once we get more concrete information on Marvel’s plans for X-Men we’ll certainly keep you updated.


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