We’ve been really excited to see what happens with Matt Reeves’ reboot of the Batman franchise with his upcoming solo installment with the director recently focusing on getting the script in good shape after starting over after the exit of Ben Affleck from the Dark Knight mantle.

We might have a more concrete idea when filming could start.

Matt Reeves now said on Twitter that it could begin by the year’s end, which leaves a window a production start in fall/winter.

TheHollywoodReporter had previously mentioned a less specific a ten-month widow up to November for The Batman to begin shooting.

There have been plenty of rumors making the rounds online about potential new Batman actor candidates, but it doesn’t sound like casting has actually begun while we are expecting a younger version of Bruce Wayne compared to Ben Affleck’s recent grizzled incarnation. We suspect that casting will likely go into full gear over the summer and will keep an eye out for production news on the film.

On the villain front, The Penguin is expected to be one of the main antagonists and Reeves has suggested previously that the film will include a rogues gallery of baddies.

Warner Bros. has given The Batman an official release date of June 25th, 2021.


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