One of the more surprising parts of Spider-Man: Far From Home came from the post-credits scenes. The second one seemingly might give more reason to go back and give the film a couple of repeat viewings. As it revealed that Nick Fury and Maria Hill during the film are actually Skrulls Talos and Soren from Captain Marvel, as Nick Fury and possibly Hill are off-world on some Skrull base/ship.

The idea is that the pair of Skrulls are keeping an eye for Fury and would explain why I had some major character issues with Nick in the film, as he was more rude and stubborn than normal with Peter Parker. To the point, I did question if that was Fury.

Director Jon Watts spoke with Polygon about the choice to do the twist.

WATTS: “It just felt right in this con man movie to have that one last reveal that makes you look at everything that you’ve seen completely differently. It felt organic and true to the structure of the film.”

“Nick Fury’s superpower is essentially being skeptical. Suspicion is what makes Nick Fury, Nick Fury. That just helped make that part of the story make sense to me in a good way. Nick Fury was sort of taking a vacation of his own, which fits into the greater storyline of Peter’s vacation. So it all sort of came together in this one last moment.”

“Now that you know Mysterio’s illusions are creating the Elementals and that that’s not Fury, and that’s not Maria, it becomes a completely different movie. I can’t wait to see what people discover.”

I think it certainly explained Nick’s oddball choices throughout the film, but I’m not terribly sure that was entirely necessary unless the reason they needed Nick Fury off-world was to have this murder accusation become the big cliffhanger. If Nick was on Earth he’d likely be able to explain that away.


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