TheHollywoodReporter has learned that director David Ayer is in talks with Lionsgate to make yet another tank battle picture set during WWII. The thriller titled El-Alamein would take place from the British perspective of desert warfare in the North Africa campaign, a part of the war that modern Hollywood war films have mostly ignored (outside of a couple of scenes in Valkyrie).

Ayer is in early talks to direct Lionsgate’s WWII thriller El-Alamein, which will tell the story of the war in Northern Africa as the British and German forces face-off in an attempt to seize power of the Suez Canal and the Middle East oil fields.

The bloody standoff took place in the town of El Alamein. Led by general Erwin Rommel, German and Italian tanks and infantry units traveled to the Egyptian town, waging a frontal attack on Britain’s Eighth Army, led by Lieutenant-General Bernard Montgomery. Casualties on both sides measured in the ten of thousands, and the victory is considered to be what turned the tide of the Western Desert Campaign in favor of the Allied forces.

Ayer previously directed the Brad Pitt WWII tank movie Fury and followed that up with the box office hit Suicide Squad, which is getting a sequel directed by James Gunn.

I’m curious if we’re getting more of a character piece or a full-scale war movie.


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