Deadpool 2 is just around the corner, now literally only 10 days away, but still it seems like there’s even more mystery to the film than meets the eye. We know it involves Cable’s hunt for a young mutant, Firefist, which Wade decides to stop by forming the super-team X-Force. But beyond that loose outline we don’t have much information about the plot of the film. 

Many have theorized that there may be characters that the film simply isn’t showing us yet. Those theories typically assert that Juggernaut might be in the film based on scenes of Colossus punching something massive and one very large being on a thermal scan. He may very well be in the movie, but we know there’s at least one other mutant lurking secretly in the film’s poster and final trailer.

This was revealed in the release of the most recent poster: along with the rest of the X-Force members, Colossus, Negasonic, Firefist, Vanessa, Blind Al and Cable, there’s a parachute harness that seems to be floating in mid-air. If you look closely, you also see two ripples in the water where legs would be. The Answer? This isn’t an empty harness: it’s being worn by someone invisible, a theory which started after the Final trailer for the film also showed the empty harness during the X-Force team’s parachute drop.deadpool 2



So, what’s the deal? Well, we may finally know the truth thanks to Jeremy Conrad, aka Manabyte, who’s had an inside track on the film going back to the reshoots and has been on the money so far regarding the film. He claims that the invisible X-Force member is The Vanisher, a criminal and sometimes unwilling superhero who in the comics had the ability to teleport. There’s a chance they’re just morphing his power into actually vanishing for the film, because he was an X-Force member in the comics. 

But the real selling point? The one time when Vanisher becomes visible in Deadpool 2, he’s revealed to be played by Brad Pitt! That’s right, it’s blink and you miss it cameo but that’s the payoff. It’s an interesting reveal, in part because Pitt was, at one point, in talks to play Cable in the film early on.

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