It looks like David Fincher has truly moved on from the sequel to World War Z as the Gone Girl director has set his sights back to Netflix according to Variety.

His next film titled Mank will be a biopic of the screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz, the legendary Hollywood screenwriter that penned Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, considered to be the greatest film ever made. Oscar-winner Gary Oldman is said to be playing the Mankiewicz role in the film.

Specific plot details are vague, but sources say the story will follow Mankiewicz’s tumultuous development of the script for “Citizen Kane” — which would go on to be considered one of the best films of all time — alongside director Orson Welles. Despite the film’s critical success, the script was the only part of the film to win an Oscar.

Citizen Kane was directly based on real-life media baron William Randolph Hearst, who tried to have the movie banned from being played only for it to become one of the most famous films in history. Herman used his access to the Hearst social circles to help write the script, which might be what this movie will be all about.

I have to assume the two other big leads would be Orson Welles and Hearst.

Fincher has had a longstanding working relationship with Netflix via his series House of Cards and Mindhunter. After having a handful of hiccups with regular studios it isn’t terribly shocking to see David make the jump to Netflix after high profile filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese and Alfonso Cuarón have been able to get features made there.

I also think it’ll only be a matter of time before Quentin Tarantino starts making limited series for Netflix once he retires as a film director.

Filming on Mank is said to begin this November, which would likely mean it wouldn’t be ready for release until next year. It’s also said to be shot in black and white, just like Kane.

Mank’s script was written by David’s late father Jack Fincher.


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