Dark Phoenix was one of many sequels that struggled to connect with audiences over the summer and may end up landing the title of lowest box office earner in the X-Men franchise.

Over the weekend the film dropped to #12 at the domestic box office only earning $1.8 million and doesn’t look like there is much gas left in the tank. This would suggest that it won’t be around for much longer and could tap-out under or around $75 million domestically.

Currently, at $63.7 million Dark Phoenix is well under The Wolverine’s $152.2 million (previously was the lowest domestic earner in the franchise).

Globally, Dark Phoenix is currently at $244 million worldwide and won’t likely surpass $255 million. This would place it well under franchise lowest global earner with 2000’s X-Men’s $296.3 million.

Given the production budget and money spent on marketing Dark Phoenix looks like will indeed lose a lot of money as previously reported by Deadline ($100-120 million) and could be even more than that.

The X-Men franchise will now be in the hands of Marvel Studios with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool (possibly supporting characters too) making the jump to Marvel with the Singerverse expected to get a reboot. Kevin Feige has suggested we might see the main team get their own movie anytime soon as they’re not part of the five-year plan at the moment.

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