In the novel Godzilla: Aftershock, taking place in between Godzilla (2014) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we’re officially introduced to a new member of Godzilla’s species. While the official name is 5146_ADAM the nickname is Raijin/Raiden and also Dagon. Dagon was measured at 108 meters or 354.33 feet which is shorter than main MonsterVerse Godzilla.

Born long before the main MonsterVerse Godzilla, Dagon was presumably the previous alpha of the Titans. He was known to promote a global balance and natural order which was shared by humans. This lasted until 1100 BC when he was killed at the hands of a MUTO Queen known as MUTO Prime. MUTO Prime was the parent of the MUTOs seen in the Godzilla (2014) film and appears in Godzilla: Aftershock as the main antagonist for Godzilla.

While battling MUTO Prime, Dagon was used as a host for her eggs. Over time the eggs feed off of his radiation-rich body and he died in what’s today known as the Philippines. When the MUTOs had developed enough within his body they busted out of his ribcage area and travelled into the ocean. This led into the plot of the Godzilla (2014) film.

It appears unlike the mainstream MonsterVerse Godzilla, Dagon never had the opportunity to absorb enough radiation to “evolve” as Monarch termed the process. Through absorbing enough radiation, Godzilla’s species can develop into a more powerful form.

What do you think of Dagon? Would you have liked to see more Godzillas in a flashback sequence? Leave your comments about Dagon and other Titans you’d like to see in the MonsterVerse below!

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