Actor, comedian, and podcaster Jon Gabrus (The Little Hours, Bombshell) mentioned on his podcast High & Mighty last week during his Oscars preview episode with special guests Mark Rennie and John Flynn (from the Two Old Queens podcast) that he wants to start a campaign to play Hercules in the MCU. 

GABRUS: “Here are my big two roles I want hashtag campaigns going for. I want to play Hercules in the Marvel world and I want to play the Oprah Winfrey part in the Color Purple (context is that Jon and his guests were joking about John Travolta being cast in the Color Purple musical beforehand)…I’ve been powerlifting to play Oprah and Hercules.”

Gabrus certainly looks the part and it doesn’t hurt he’s 6’2. 

Here is an image of Gabrus with Samuel L. Jackson at the Spike Video Game Awards in 2006. 


The idea isn’t that farfetched with fellow comedians Paul Rudd playing Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, Randall Park playing Agents of Atlas leader Jimmy Woo, and a newly ripped Kumail Nanjiani playing Kingo in the upcoming Eternals movie. 

We’ve also seen with Avengers: Endgame they’re not afraid of having characters like Thor with a few extra pounds, even though Chris Hemsworth was wearing a bodysuit. It might be nice to see Marvel Studios add more varying male and female body types if they’re indeed working on being more inclusive with their castings. 

This isn’t a new thing for comedian/actors to suggest a role they’d be good at as comedian John Hodgman at one point was campaigning to play M.O.D.O.K. in the MCU. 

While there had been a suspicion that Hercules would be showing up in the Eternals movie during the casting phase of the film, that seemingly hasn’t panned-out.

However, its worth noting the character has been represented as non-heterosexual more recently in the comic books which could suggest that Marvel might want to consider actors that represent the LGBTQ community.

The Marvel superhero and demi-god has been part of various comic book teams including The Avengers (alongside Eternals characters Sersi and Black Knight) and The Champions.

Do you think that Jon would make a good Hercules?


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