We’re finally starting to get some information on the upcoming Hawkeye series from Marvel Studios for Disney+.

Producer Trinh Tran spoke with ScreenRant about the superhero series revealing to them that it would explore the backstory of Clint Barton, something we haven’t seen in the films.

SCREEN RANT: You’re not done with the MCU. You’re doing the Disney + project, Hawkeye. How excited are you to explore Clint more?

TRAN: “Well, I chose that one specifically because we haven’t gotten a chance to tell Clint Barton’s story. You’ve seen Thor have several movies. You know his backstory. Cap has several movies, Tony has a few, so they’ve all had their chance, and Clint Barton hasn’t gotten a chance to tell his past. I’m excited for that, and I’m also excited that there is a young girl coming in who wants to be Hawkeye.”

SCREEN RANT: I’m a huge Kate Bishop fan.

TRAN: Are you really? [Matt] Fraction’s run is absolutely one of the most amazing things. I remember sitting there are reading through the Fraction run and going, this is amazing. This is absolutely amazing. This is something we can do. We can do this! So wanting to tell Clint’s backstory, after reading Fraction’s run and getting excited for Kate Bishop there’s something really interesting that I think the two of them can have.

We know that Oscar-nominee Hailee Steinfeld (Bumblebee, True Grit) is reportedly in talks for the role of Kate Bishop (Baron’s protege), whose involvement in the series is likely helping to get audiences ready for the Young Avengers.

Jonathan Igla (Mad Men) is writing the series and will be the showrunner.

Budgets on the Marvel shows are said to be around $150 million a season and we’re still waiting on news about a director being hired along with production dates.

There have been online rumors of Disney/Marvel considering to replace/recast the Hawkeye role after some accusations about Jeremy Renner have surfaced. However, this has yet to be confirmed and an official announcement hasn’t been made by Marvel Studios/Kevin Feige.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (working title Tag Team) was the first series to kicked-off production, as filming has started in Atlanta, Georgia.

Other live-action shows on the horizon include WandaVision, Loki, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel. We wouldn’t be shocked if Marvel stops there with Kevin Feige now taking over Marvel Television with the reported exit of Jeph Loeb by Thanksgiving.

The Hawkeye series is said to be released on Disney+ starting in the fall of 2021.


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