HN Entertainment has learned that the second unit director of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Fraser Taggart, is expected to be the cinematographer on Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8.

Fraser has worked on various units for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, John Wick: Chapter 2, Edge of Tomorrow, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Doctor Strange, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Troy, Hobbs & Shaw, Chaos Walking, and The King’s Man.

The next two films are said to be two parts of the same story which makes sense as they’ll be filmed back-to-back.

We previously reported that production on the sequels would be returning to Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in Watford, England. The same British facility used for Rogue Nation and Fallout.

There is also chatter that they’ll be returning to shoot scenes in mainland Europe, as they have with the previous installments.

Christopher McQuarrie is back as the writer/direct with Tom Cruise reprising the role of Ethan Hunt.

The rest of the official cast includes Rebecca Ferguson (Doctor Sleep, Dune), Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger, Agent Carter), Pom Klementieff (Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2, Avengers: Infinity War), and veteran character actor Shea Whigham (Joker, Boardwalk Empire, Agent Carter, Kong: Skull Island).

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that Simon Pegg (Star Trek Beyond), Angela Bassett (Black Panther), Vanessa Kirby (Hobbs & Shaw), and Ving Rhames will return.

There had been rumblings that Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin may have some flashback scenes in the movies but has yet to be confirmed.

Director Doug Liman has suggested in interviews that he hopes that once Tom Cruise completes filming on the two Mission: Impossible films he’d make the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow along with actress Emily Blunt. After confirming it has a completed script.

Paramount Pictures has given the two sequels the release dates of July 23rd, 2021 and August 5th, 2022.

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