Guy Ritchie’s next film Toff Guys has been filming in London for a couple weeks now and we’re slowly learning about the actors involved with the project. There was just a reveal of a new one via set photos posted by TheDailyMail, as British actor Charlie Hunnam has joined the crime flick in an undisclosed role. 

Hunnam and Guy Ritchie had previously worked together on the Warner Bros. film King Arthur: Legend of The Sword. Charlie was spotted filming some chase/action sequence involving star Matthew McConaughey, who plays the film’s main character. 

Toff Guys follows a British drug lord who is trying to sell his empire to a group of Oklahoma billionaires. Matthew is expected to be playing one of the billionaire buyers. 

The rest of the cast includes Henry Golding as a Vietnamese gangster, Hugh Grant as a celebrity photographer named Fletcher trying to blackmail McConaughey’s character, Colin Farrell as an MMA trainer named coach, and Jeremy Strong as the drug lord that is selling his operation. Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery recent replaced Kate Beckinsale at the last minute after she dropped out during the shoot, playing McConaughey’s wife. 

Miramax has yet to give Toff Guys an official release date. 


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