TheHollywoodReporter has revealed that actor Chang Chen is in talks with Legendary Entertainment for the role of Dr. Yueh in Denis Villeneuve’s reboot of Dune.

Chang Chen is in negotiations to join Legendary’s adaptation of the sci-fi novel. He would play Dr. Yueh, who in the novel is a physician who works for the Atreides family.

Chen would be joining an impressive cast that already includes Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides, Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica Atreides, Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides, Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Harkonnen, Zendeya as Chani, Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho, Javier Bardem as Stilgar, Charlotte Rampling as Reverend Mother Mohiam, David Dastmcalchian (Blade Runner 2049) as Piter De Vries, and Dave Bautista as the Baron’s nephew Rabban.

Set on the planet Arrakis, we find ourselves exploring the story of two warring galactic royal families House Atreides and House Harkonnen. When Duke Leto Atreides is assassinated, his son Paul and wife Lady Jessica escape only to be adopted by the Fremen, who becomes Paul’s personal army against the Harkonnen as he develops powers from the spice, a substance that extends life and powers interstellar travel. A tangled web of royal intrigue is revealed with the Emperor and other cosmic powers pulling the strings while attempting to erase house Atreides.

Filming is expected to begin this month at Origo Film Studios in Budapest, Hungary with exterior scenes to be filmed in the country of Jordan, that will likely be used to double as the planet of Arrakis.

Denis has called the film “Star Wars for adults” and we’ll see if they’ll end up executing that vision and as seen with his previous work such as Blade Runner 2049, chances are very good.

Warner Bros. has set Dune’s release date for November 20th, 2020.


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