Recently, it was revealed by Variety that British actor Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse) is expected to take the role of Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ The Batman with Deadline countering that report saying that Nicholas Hoult (The Favourite) is still in the running (not sure that’s really the case).

Nobody has officially signed a deal, so we’ll have to wait for a little for confirmation from Warner Bros.

Well, that Bruce Wayne casting news likely sparked other outlets to run whatever Batman tidbits they could add in their own reports. TheHollywoodReporter has some possible new info in their recent newsletter suggesting they’re hearing that Catwoman might be in the film, but don’t come out and name the character only tease her and they’re also quick to mention the script is still being tweaked. A full write-up wasn’t done on the trade’s website so we might have to chalk it up to a newsletter rumor for the moment.

Here is their tidbit from the newsletter.

Matt Reeves is still tweaking his script, which is rumored to have at least two villains, the Penguin being one of them, according to sources (one person is telling us there will be around half-a-dozen villains!). We’re hearing of another purrfect character making an appearance in the script as well.

We already heard from Matt Reeves saying earlier in the year to TheHollywoodReporter that his film would include an entire “rogues gallery”, which would mean a lot of Batman villains. Something else echoed in the newsletter.

“You can’t have Batman without a villain,” Reeves tells THR. “There will be a rogues gallery.”

In September, Reeves previously posted this image on his Twitter account that featured Penguin, Catwoman, and The Riddler costumes from the Adam West series. It’s starting to look like he was possibly teasing characters he was considering putting in the film, but that’s just speculation for the moment.


Filming according to Matt Reeves is eyeing a start by the end of the year.

Warner Bros. has set The Batman’s release date for June 25th, 2021.


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