It was recently revealed by Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy that filming on the Cassian Andor series has already started during the Disney+ presentation recently, along with word that Alan Tudyk would be reprising his role of K2SO alongside Diego Luna’s Cassian.

MakingStarWars has some possible production info on the Star Wars streaming series and it sounds like it won’t be filming in California, where The Mandalorian was shot. They claim that the series is using the working title of White Snake during the filming and will actually be shot the new production facility Dagenham Studios, not Pinewood Studios UK.

After digging some more, I uncovered the Cassian Andor series is codenamed: White Snake. With that knowledge I also saw evidence I cannot discuss that leads me to believe that Dagenham appears to be the filming location for the series and it also appears to be where props from The Rise of Skywalker are being stored until reshoots for that film are to occur after they assess the first cut of The Rise of Skywalker which screened at Bad Robot last week.

Interesting enough, the brand new East London studio facility used a Star Wars crawl for one of their promo videos.

They also add that the same new facility could also be used for the upcoming Star Wars film from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, it still hasn’t been announced what that project will be about or where in the Star Wars timeline it will be set.

After talking to some new friends in the area at Dagenham, it also appears that when the studio site is fully ready to go, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ Star Wars saga will be filmed at the location. At least people working in the area believe that to be the case.

It would make sense that the Cassian Andor series would need to find a new place to be shot if Pinewood Studios UK is going to be busy with Black Widow, Bond 25, and possibly other big film productions.

Along with our own reporting that Lucasfilm is already keen on moving forward with a second season for The Mandalorian, that would mean they’d want to keep that California production space open for the second run of episodes.


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