After Avengers: Endgame, the fate of many characters will be in the air. For certain characters such as Captain America or Iron Man, it seems they may retire or die in battle against Thanos. For other characters such as Black Panther or Spider-Man, it seems like they will live on to lead the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A character integral to not only Avengers: Endgame but the future of the MCU is Captain Marvel. With her solo adventure currently poised to cross $1 billion globally, it looks like she will gain a boost in appearances either with cameos or lead roles in team-up events such as The Avengers.

Producer Kevin Feige has stated in interviews beforehand that Captain Marvel would lead the next era of MCU heroes. According to Feige, her fate is to replace both Captain America and/or Iron Man in a way as she’ll become the new leader of the team. However, will she stay on Earth after the event of Avengers: Endgame? Most likely yes and no. For those that saw Captain Marvel in theaters, they’re familiar with how fast she can travel with the theoretical speed approaching the speed of light.

This allows her to transverse more than a galaxy of distance in days/weeks which is a level of traveling speed we haven’t seen a singular character possess besides Thor with the Bifrost. This gives her a good excuse for being involved with space activities and Earth activities over the course of a single movie.

However, focusing on the next film post-Endgame, will Captain Marvel appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home? She hasn’t appeared in any marketing materials for the film including trailers, yet there are pieces in place for her to appear. We know she’s close friends with Nick Fury, shown to be alive again in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Based upon their friendship and her obvious care for him upon her return to Earth, it would be surprising for her not to spend time with him catching up.

Nick Fury rebuilding SHIELD or even a new organization such as SWORD would fit well with Captain Marvel. It would also make sense she would help Fury with that considering their relationship and shared understanding Earth needs protection from extraterrestrial threats.

The biggest question besides whether she would appear is in what capacity. My personal bet would be on her appearing in a cameo-style situation communicating with Fury. This is because unlike Iron Man, Captain Marvel doesn’t make much sense for a mentor to Spider-Man. Nick Fury mentoring him is already a bit of a stretch but could be seen as inspired by the relationship between Nick Fury and Peter Parker from the Ultimate Universe. Regardless of her next appearance, it will be interesting to see how she helps direct the future direction of the MCU.

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