Marvel next planned film after the recent release of Ant-Man and the Wasp will be their first female-led superhero film, Captain Marvel, at the beginning of next year. Now it seems that were a little closer to seeing this film than ever before. According to a post by Brie Larson herself on twitter, Captain Marvel has wrapped filming.

Larson posted a caption less picture of herself holding a clack board seemingly signed by the cast of the film with a calendar on it confirming that the film’s last day of principal photography was July 6th. Obviously, this doesn’t count any reshoots that need to be completed, but for now it seems that Captain Marvel has shot all of its scenes. We’re now one step closer to seeing the film come out.

This ties into something Kevin Feige said a few weeks ago regarding the film. In an interview with, he told them that Captain Marvel’s trailer is still a few month’s out, which makes sense considering that trailer for films coming out at the end of this year are just now coming out. Once that teaser drops, according to Feige, we’ll be one step closer to more information about Avengers 4, which Captain Marvel will be featured in prominently.

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