Captain Marvel now holds the box office record as the highest grossing female superhero film as it crosses a billion dollars today via Forbes. Despite talk of a boycott that doesn’t seem to have made a huge impact as some might have assumed it could have as Captain Marvel has become one of the most successful comic book films.

The success was expected after it’s massive first and second weekend totals at the global box office, although I had expected the crossing to take place over the weekend.

It’ll be certainly interesting to see where the film’s final totals will land in comparison to last year’s Black Panther. I would assume it could add another $100-200 million if keeps doing well in various markets. Then again, with Shazam! and Avengers: Endgame coming this month it could only a couple more weeks left.

This will get Marvel Studios/Disney and Kevin Feige plenty of incentives to push forward with two more movies as we recently reported that directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck would be directing the FX series Mrs. America starring Cate Blanchett. There is a good chance we could see Captain Marvel sequels take place between the events of the first film and Avengers: Endgame, seeing Carol Danvers end the Kree-Skrull War or interact with other alien groups like The Shi’ar Empire (now at Marvel) could make for an interesting sequel.

Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce they’ll be pursuing a sequel but that should be coming soon.


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