This Easter weekend was one of the weakest in over a decade but there are some good box office stories and milestones to tell, thanks to some numbers thanks to Deadline.

The Curse of La Llorona’s global debut this weekend is now estimated to be $56.5 million ($30 million overseas and $26.5 million domestically), which is a huge win for New Line Cinema given that that budget of the film was $9 million.

Captain Marvel hit a few other box office landmarks as the Marvel Studios film has now earned $400 million domestically and hitting a worldwide total of $1.09 billion. There had been a small minority online suggesting that the film wasn’t hitting box office globals that Marvel/Disney had wanted, but these opinions are completely inaccurate. If anything Captain Marvel has surpassed all Disney’s expectations, similar to what happened with Black Panther last year when that film blew up projections earning a massive $1.3 billion.

Shazam! has crossed the $300 million mark this weekend as well thanks to adding another $17.3 million at the domestic box office. The DC Comics film cost less money than it’s fellow DC movies and is expected to potentially reach $400 million despite Avengers: Endgame swooping in this week, it’s current global total is $322 million. Shazam! is doing well, but not well as Aquaman, and I don’t think anyone was expecting the smaller budgeted film to have a massive splash. A sequel is currently in development and there is an expectation that their Black Adam movie featuring Dwayne Johnson in the lead role could begin filming next year, despite it not having a director attached.

Avengers: Endgame releases on 26th and there is a projection the end of The Infinity Saga could break multiple opening weekend records, thanks in part to the Chinese release date being moved up to be concurrent with the domestic and many foreign marketings.


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