Captain Marvel’s actual opening numbers turned out to be a massive success for Marvel Studios as the film in its first week of release has earned over half a billion dollars. It currently earned an impressive $524 million ($345 million at the foreign box office and $179 million domestically) at the global box office and there is already talk the dip on its second domestic weekend won’t be terribly high as projections via BoxOfficePro place the film hitting $70-80 million this weekend (foreign numbers are little less clear).

But these numbers would suggest to me that Captain Marvel will cross the $700-800 million mark this weekend.

Black Panther still holds the record of largest solo MCU debut opening with an impressive $202 million, but Captain Marvel’s second place at $154 million isn’t disappointing by the slightest as it ranks seventh among the twenty-one MCU releases for domestic openings.

Plenty of projections also see a good avenue for the film to reach a billion dollar total at the global box office as some of the numbers do echo Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but Captain Marvel is doing much better in China than Rogue One (tripled the box office returns on opening weekend) or even Black Panther. Hitting $700-800 million in the first two weeks of release would suggest that a billion box office total is assured.

A sequel is all but assured and it’ll be interesting to see what rogue they’ll after the events of Avengers: Endgame, while continuing her story from 1995 might be logical the stakes might be tempered because we know she’s alive and well in the present day MCU timeline as she’ll help the heroes fight Thanos. There are plenty of cosmic adversaries she could go up against with Marvel Studios getting access the Fantastic Four (Galactus/Silver Surfer) and X-Men character rosters when the Disney-Fox merger closes on March 20th.

I’d personally would love to see an entire Captain Marvel film taking place off-world with her potentially coming into conflict with X-Men aliens The Shi’ar Empire and their own supergroup The Imperial Guard headed up by Gladiator.



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