Variety is reporting that even though the Call of Duty movie hasn’t even gone into production, Activision Blizzard Studios has already hired a screenwriter to tackle a purposed sequel. They’ve tasked Black Panther co-writer Robert Joe Cole to write their Call of Duty sequel based on the best-selling first-person-shooter video game franchise.

Activision Blizzard Studios is already getting the gears turning on a sequel to “Call of Duty,” tapping “Black Panther” scribe Joe Robert Cole to pen the upcoming second installment.

The first installment is said to be aiming for a spring/summer production with Sicario 2 director Stefano Sollima set to helm it with a script from Kieran Fitzgerald. It remains to be seen if Stefano would be tackling this second film as well. Word has been that filming could begin as early as the spring/summer and Sollima has teased potential actors might include Tom Hardy and Chris Pine. Although, neither has been confirmed or officially announced.

Variety also points out neither of these video game films has a distributor lined up.

We currently don’t know if either film will taking cues from existing plots or will be original takes on the soldier video game franchise. The franchise has been set in the past with WWII and Vietnam/Cold War era games along with being pushed vastly into the future of warfare with games with drones/cyborgs/robots with off-world missions on Mars. It will be interesting to see what stories they’ll ultimately tell with these two movies.

Modern Warfare and Black Ops games have been the most beloved by fans, so there is a possibility the movies could be taking cues from those games. Considering the futuristic technology seen in Black Panther, there could be an assumption made that Robert Joe Cole might be a good fit to tackle a futuristic Call of Duty setting.

It’s just a guessing game until we start getting more concrete details about the two projects.


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