While there is some interest to see what will Activision announces as their 2019 Call of Duty installment from Infinity Ward (signs are pointing to a new Ghosts game). They’re still busy putting out current content out for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. A new trailer dropped yesterday for a brand new Blackout Mode map titled Alcatraz, which is much more smaller than the first Blackout map.

“The new Blackout Alcatraz map is set in a fog-filled island boasting a variety of environments that all lead up to the big cellhouse atop the hill. Requiring new strategies and tactics, players will drop in, gear up and fight through both close-quarters combat and long-range exterior firefights as they battle to be the last squad standing.”

They’re also giving players free access to Blackout on all platforms from April 2-30.

This very well could be a reaction to the massive popularity of the free-to-play Battle Royale game Apex Legends that is set in the Titanfall universe and has been overshadowing pay-to-play versions like Blackout. It’ll be interesting to see if Blackout eventually becomes a free-to-play thing down the line but as it stands Activision is trying to make some coin from it.

The first map seemed a little sparse and this new island map gives players a more close-quarters experience.

Alcatraz is available today for Playstation 4.


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