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Brightburn was a unique film with an even more interesting premise. What if Superman was evil and decided to kill all life on Earth rather than protect it?

Throughout the movie, we slowly watch as what started as a sweet twelve-year-old boy transforms into an unstoppable killing machine.

In the final act of the film, we see Brandon Breyer (Jason A. Dunn) slowly become unraveled once he learns the truth of his origins. Brandon soon develops the mindset that he stands above all life on the planet and that he can destroy them at any given moment.

This holier-than-thou attitude is what causes conflict between Brandon and his parents Tori (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle (David Denman) as Brandon begins to defy their commands. Regardless of how many bodies Brandon starts to pile up, his emotional stability remains intact as long as his parents are on his side.

However, this does not last for long when Kyle decides to take Brandon on a father-son hunting trip but instead turns into an execution attempt in disguise. It is at this moment; Kyle has turned Brandon into a monster. In countless movies and books, people fear what they do not understand; more importantly, what they wish not to understand. Kyle is so caught up with the fact that his adopted son is a monster; he does not even try to connect with him emotionally. Kyle’s fear drives him to try and put an end to Brandon but instead pushes him down the path to the world’s destruction.

While Brandon is examining deer tracks, acting like his old self again, Kyle takes his hunting rifle and fires a single round at the back of Brandon’s head. Kyle soon learns how big of a mistake that was as he watches the bullet ricochet off Brandon’s head. Brandon then stands before Kyle, speechless at what his father had done as Kyle attempts to reload. A chase between the two quickly ensues as Kyle runs through the woods away from Brandon.

As expected, Brandon catches his traitorous father and kills him using his heat vision.
During this same moment, Sheriff Deever (Gregory Alan Williams) visits Tori at home to ask about the mysterious symbol left behind at each of the recent murders. Tori immediately recognizes the symbol, dismisses the sheriff and quickly rushes upstairs in search of Brandon’s notebook.

Tori finds Brandon’s notebook and discovers pages upon pages filled with the very symbols drawn in blood at each of the murders. Tori immediately calls Kyle’s phone to warn him about Brandon, but it is too late. Kyle’s phone answers but it are Brandon who is on the other end, listening to his mother announce her discovery.

In the final moments of the movie, Tori fends for her life as Brandon rampages through the house killing Sheriff Deevers and his deputy. These are the moments where Brightburn truly shines as we see the Brandon become the world’s embodiment of evil.

However, Brandon may not be the only super-powered being in the world. During the end credits, Michael Rooker is seen as a conspiracy theorist discussing other rumors of super-beings out there. Rooker makes two references that most superhero fans will recognize, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Rooker mentions sightings of a creature, half fish and half man, rampaging through the seas; as well as suggests a witch who can force others to tell the truth with a rope. Very similar to the earlier mentioned superheroes.

If end credit scenes are anything to go off of, we can be sure that Brightburn will be the first of several evil representations of the superheroes we have come to know and love. This may suggest sequels and that they could be aiming towards their own cinematic universe.

Which evil superheroes you think would be a great addition in the possible Brightburn universe?

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An evil psychopathic Batman would be more terrifying than Brightburn if its written right