During The Walt Disney Company’s Q1 earnings call, CEO Bob Iger announced that Marvel Studios’ series WandaVision will begin airing in December and The Falcon & The Winter Soldier for August. 

IGER: “Many of you saw our Super Bowl spot featuring three original new Marvel series for Disney+, Loki, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier which premieres on the service in August and WandaVision which will debut in December.”

“These same characters and actors from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe along with events from these new shows will factor into future Marvel films as we integrate storytelling across these platforms all under the Marvel Studios banner.” 

Along with the three series that were showcased in the Super Bowl spot, Iger suggests that there are two unannounced shows in development at Marvel Studios outside of What If (already getting a second season), Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, and Moon Knight. 

IGER: “We have the three Marvel series we announced and I think there are seven other Marvel series that are in varying stages of development or pre-production.” 

Bob didn’t real what characters would be tackled and if those two other projects will be live-action or animation. 

Options are plenty with Marvel teams like Thunderbolts, S.W.O.R.D., Young Avengers, Dark Avengers, Alpha Flight, The Invaders, The Champions, New Warriors, Nightstalkers, Agents of Atlas, and Squadron Supreme being excellent candidates. 

Introducing audiences to new characters, not unlike Moon Knight and She-Hulk could happen as well. I think Captain Britain, Hercules, Namor The Sub-Mainer, Nova, Doctor Doom, Wolverine (Weapon X/WWII/Cold War), and Silver Surfer could hold their own with solo series before making the jump to the big screen. 

Given the on-set technology developed for The Mandalorian with the giant LED screens to create in camera environments, I wouldn’t be shocked if they started to branch-out and tackle the cosmic side of the MCU on Disney+.


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