Canadian cult horror film Black Christmas, which starred Margo Kidder (four years before Superman), Olivia Hussey, and a young Andrea Martin is one of the films cited as the precursor to the holiday-themed slasher sub-genre. Black Christmas coming out four years before John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Well, Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures have announced today via Variety that they are remaking the holiday horror flick with director Sophia Takal and will star Imogen Poots (Green Room, Filth).

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions are remaking the cult horror pic “Black Christmas” with Imogen Poots starring. The studio will release the film on Dec. 13.

Aleyse Shannon, Brittany O’Grady, Lily Donoghue and Caleb Eberhardt are also set to star with Sophia Takal directing. Takal and April Wolfe penned the script.

The 1974 original, considered a cult classic, followed a group of sorority girls who are stalked by a stranger on Christmas break. Blumhouse and Universal saw huge success after last fall’s “Halloween” reboot, which was a huge success with a sequel in the works.

The original film isn’t terribly memorable other than it’s Christmas setting and it is one of the most famous Canadian horror movies ever made as it was directed by Bob Clark, best known for the raunchy teen comedy Porky’s.

There was also an unremarkable remake back in 2006.

Blumhouse also revealed a teaser poster on their Twitter account.

Universal Pictures has set the release of Black Christmas for December 13th, which happens to be Friday the 13th.


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