While writer-director Christopher Nolan’s next film for Warner Bros. is currently a mystery, it looks like one thing has been revealed, as the first cast member has been revealed by Variety. They report that actor John David Washington (Ballers) has nabbed the first leading but undisclosed role in the secret Nolan film.

Washington recently made a huge splash with audiences and the film awards community after starring in Spike Lee’s Oscar-winning movie BlacKkKlansman that was released last year.

Details are scarce about this project but it has been described previously as Inception meets North By Northwest. There are also people suggesting the film will be more in the action film category as the aim heading towards becoming an event IMAX presentation event movie, not unlike Dunkirk, but it sounds like this one might have a potential genre element (spy or science fiction?).

Christopher Nolan certainly delivers the goods and crafts entertaining films, I hope this one has a little more character development than Dunkirk, that felt more like a technical exercise for the filmmaker and for me was lacking in the story/character side of things.

It was previously revealed by ProductionWeekly that Dunkirk cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema would be reuniting with Nolan on the project.

Warner Bros. has set the untitled film’s release date for July 17th, 2020.


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