We’ve had plenty of villain rumors for Black Panther 2 with some claiming that Spider-Man rogue Kraven The Hunter and even Pince Namor of Atlantis would be facing off with T’Challa in the sequel.

There was also a rumor that Michael B. Jordan would be coming back from the dead to reprise the Killmonger role. This was seemingly debunked recently by Kevin Feige himself when revealing that writer/director Ryan Coogler hadn’t even etched out a story draft for approval.

Well, there is yet another villain candidate coming into the mix according to a very early rumor from Charles Murphy suggesting that Fantastic Four baddie Victor von Doom aka Doctor Doom could be in the film.

Victor Von Doom will begin expanding his empire, conquering parts of Africa and, ultimately, come into conflict with the nation of Wakanda and the Black Panther.

That represents the entirety of what I was told. That’s how it works sometimes. I was given no additional context, no additional details…nothing. At this point, you know what I know. From what I was told, however, one can begin speculating and having some fun thinking about how something like this might play out if it were actually true.

Yet another Marvel character that fans have been asking be included in the sequel since the release of the first film back in 2018 and news that Marvel would be taking over Fox characters like Doom.

Charles is quick to point out this is only a rumor and not to treat this as anything more than that adding his own warning that he can’t confirm the validity of the information.

So please read at your own risk and please make an effort to represent what you’ve read here as nothing more than a rumor. These aren’t “hot scoops”, at least not yet.

So, take this rumbling with the biggest pinch of salt possible.

Wakanda and Doom’s Latveria coming into conflict might make sense as the two characters first appeared in the pages of Fantastic Four.

The only angle I have an issue here is that Doom “conquering” modern Africa would suggest that he’s already some sort of war criminal, which I feel like would have been addressed by the existing members of the Avengers and not just Wakanda.

It should be pointed out that Ryan Coogler is still writing the script and that filming won’t even begin until 2021 (HN Entertainment can confirm a portion of filming will take place in the United States) with the film’s release date set for May 6th, 2022.


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