Disney+ is quickly becoming an increasingly tempting streaming option with all the high-end content they are looking to add. Some of the programmings include two Star Wars series with The Mandalorian and a Cassian Andor prequel.

Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are also providing a string of limited series as well. Previously reported streaming projects to include Tom Hiddleston’s Loki (confirmed by Bob Iger), Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, and Malcolm Spellman’s Bucky/Falcon team-up.

Another one might be coming together as well if the latest rumor is to be believed. A new rumor coming from our friends over at ThatHashtagShow suggests that another Marvel Studios series will be Rocket and Groot. Although even they’re not 100% on it, so we’re going to consider it a big rumor for the moment. Take with a grain of salt.

This one, however, is simply a fun rumor that we wanted to share. It’s been told to us that among the series being pitched to Feige is one that might mean we won’t have to wait until 2022 to see more Guardians of the Galaxy action. We’ve been told that a Rocket and Groot series may be in the works!

If this comes together, the assumption is that Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel could reprise their roles. I’m slightly curious if this would continue into the present MCU timeline or focus on the pair during their bounty hunter days before running into Gamora and Peter Quill.

It was recently announced that ILM would be opening a television division, who could end up handling the digital effects needed to bring characters like Rocket Raccoon and Groot to life for a series like this. Making it slightly more believable.

Guardians of The Galaxy 3 is still on the horizon despite rumors of the production start being bumped to 2021, which is very unlikely. A director search is underway with the studio putting together a shortlist of candidates and are expected to announce someone in the near future. So, I don’t see them looking to delay the shoot by two years.


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