Our pals over at AVPGalaxy spotted some interesting information revealed on fan site PerfectOrganism where they claimed that the 21 Century Fox/Disney merger led to the death of an animated project at Netflix that would have focused on the Alien vs Predator universe. 

“Before 20th Century Fox completed their merger with the Walt Disney Company, Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast was in regular contact with several key players at Fox. During that time it was revealed to us that an Alien vs. Predator anime was completed for Netflix and then never released. It is unknown if and/or when it will be released.”

While AVPGalaxy has indeed heard the studio was open to an animated alien project they weren’t able to completely support the claims made by PerfectOrganism. 

Though we can’t corroborate this specific piece, Alien vs. Predator Galaxy can also confirm that prior to the Disney purchase of 20th Century Fox they had been quite open to, and had at least entertained the possibility of, exploring the Alien universe in other animated Alien adventures!

It might sound odd that 20th Century Fox would have wanted to seek outside help for an animated project, it’s not that uncommon with Netflix. 

Sony’s Masters of The Universe: Revelation and Paramount’s Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy are among animated projects owned by other companies that either landed on, were funded or bought by Netflix. 

The one thing that doesn’t really make sense would be if Netflix paid for a film or series and it was indeed completed, 20th Century or Disney likely wouldn’t have been in a position to cancel it given Netflix’s financial participation in the project unless it was still only in development stages. 

Another issue is that Netflix doesn’t really do anything quietly and if they were bankrolling this hypothetical anime series they would have put out at least press release about it as they do with basically all their projects, they’re not really known for developing things quietly especially with their animation stuff.

That said, this is simply a rumor for the moment. 

However, the merger did indeed lead to a wave of cancelled Alien projects including two video games, we still don’t know if the Cold Iron Studios first-person shooter will also suffer the same fate. 

There was a report a while back that Fargo’s Noah Hawley once attempted to pitch a live-action Alien series for FX, but was turned down by the studio brass. 

Disney and 20th Century Studios telegraphed last year at CinemaCon 2019 that they’re indeed interested in pursuing more films set in the Alien and Predator universe. 

The only thing is when that could be is a little bit of a mystery with studio head Emma Watts recently exiting only after a short period running 20th Century Studios. The shift at the studio could see priorities pivot to other stuff. 


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